Hey there, lovelies! It's your girl Tingle (AKA-DjKaySlay), the ex-surgical technician turned stay-at-home mom and the queen of cats, books, DIY, baking, and video games. I've got the precision and multitasking skills to handle it all, and I'm not afraid to show it off 😉👌🏻 My DMs are always open, so don't be shy!

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Are you ready for some private play sessions with me on Fortnite? Or maybe you're more interested in some custom photos and videos that will make you weak in the knees? Whatever your heart desires, I've got you covered!

If you want to keep the party going, you can also follow me on Twitch at DjKaySlay08. I promise I'll keep things entertaining and playful!🤭 But there's more to the story!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the incredible duo behind the scenes—my loving and supportive husband, PipedreamXL. He's not only my partner in life but also an avid gamer and aspiring Twitch streamer. Together, we make the perfect team, conquering virtual battles and creating unforgettable moments for our viewers.

When we're not taking over the gaming world or indulging in our creative pursuits, PipedreamXL and I love embarking on exciting adventures together. From exploring new gaming strategies to discovering the latest gaming trends, we're always eager to expand our horizons and connect with our community.

Join us on PipedreamXL's Twitch channel! It's a hub of excitement and entertainment. We're currently working on getting him affiliated, so your support means the world to us! Together, we're dedicated to bringing you the best gaming and sensual experience possible with thrilling gameplay, interactive sessions, and an engaging community atmosphere.

And remember, when you subscribe or engage with our content, you're not only supporting our passion but also embracing the spirit of creativity and camaraderie that drives us forward. We deeply appreciate your support as we continue to build our online presence and share the joy of gaming and self exploration with each and every one of you.

With love,

Tingle (AKA-DjKaySlay) and PipedreamXL ❤️